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March 9, 2013

To whom it may concern.

Peterson Properties Holdings has been involved in a joint venture with Florida Foreclosures along with approximately 50 real estate investors in the purchase of homes at the Collier County Courthouse, renovating and placing them back on the market for sale.

During the last 2 and a half years, Bill Shaner has been in charge of these construction and renovation activities comprising of over 200 homes, apartments, commercial and industrial properties, managing 4 different in-house teams of tradesmen, as well as numerous sub-contractors.

Mr. Shaner managed the permit process, local special approvals, payroll coordination, purchasing, dispatching, hiring and evaluation, as well as hands-on site inspection, and expediting.

Without exception, all of our projects came in under budget, and within the time frame anticipated by the investors.

One of many of Mr. Shaner’s most finely tuned skills are in timely communication with those above and below in the chain of command, vendors, office staff and all those individual who are important to a smooth running operation.

He pushes hard when necessary to meet deadlines, he is quick to praise accomplishment and he is well respected by his contemporaries and employees.

When you text Bill a question about one of our jobs, his response is immediate, with a plan of action all laid out clearly.

Bill is an ideal building contractor because he is honest, straightforward, and will always admit if some error is on his part.

I look forward to continue to work with him and his construction company because of his reliability and integrity.

It is with these personal and professional qualities in mind that I offer my sincere recommendation

Ron Peterson
Peterson Properties Holdings LLC